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JoJo Released a New Album and We’re Nostalgic As Hell

Our girl JoJo has broken free from her binding musical contract to drop a new album on us. Mad Love, which was released on October 14th, is an ode to her newfound freedom and confidence in herself. Our mad love for Jojo was so strong, she is back in the top 10 of Billboard 200 after a decade.

Source: Giphy

Fair warning though: It is a completely different sound to the one that we’re all used, as a majority of us listened to her music as we were growing up.

It was 2004 when she dropped ‘Too Little Too Late’ on us, and considering that I was only 7, I wasn’t ready for the heartbreak and angst I was feeling for JoJo. Clearly, she’d been through some tough times. Luckily for my young ears though, she was able to get through them by singing in the rain. As you do.

Source: Giphy

I also wasn’t ready for ‘Leave (Get Out)’. What was this poor girl going through? Clearly everyone was disappointing around her and she could only express it through song. Her heart was constantly breaking, and so was mine. She was only 15 when she produced her nostalgic jams, despite going through heartbreak and having an indestructible Nokia.

It’s awesome to see that despite overcoming music label struggles and the struggles of life that she is still passionate about the music that she makes and doesn’t let it get her down. Mad Love is definitely an album you should listen to if you want to feel empowered. Its lead single ‘Fuck Apologies’ featuring Wiz Khalifa showcases Jojo’s flawless vocals and clearly represents the struggles she has overcome to get to where she is. The whole album is worth a listen.

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