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J.K Rowling’s Apology Tradition Sparks Debate

Once again J.K Rowling took to twitter on May 2nd, the anniversary of the Battle of Hogwarts, to apologise for killing a beloved character in the grim but necessary end to the series.

Snape was one of the most divisive characters in the franchise. Rowling herself stated on Twitter that his was far from a black and white existence. It is not the characters’ deaths themselves however, that have lit up the internet in regards to these apologies. Almost every news outlet has had an opinion on the necessity of the apology tour itself, as well as the slew of fans taking to social media to express themselves.

There is the camp that feel the apologies are long overdue, and they are a heartwarming way to remember the stories that touched so many people. Nostalgic reflections on the characters and their contributions to the series have delighted many, giving a chance to fangirl/boy over their favourite franchise.

The turmoil is real. Source.

On the other side of the emotionally charged coin are various forms of frustration and annoyance. Many fans don’t want to be reminded of those tragic events, with muggles and Potter-heads alike feeling that apologising for a strategic editing move is just tedious and unnecessary.

Be you friend or foe of J.K Rowling’s mournful tweets, the power that Harry Potter still has on the world is undeniable. Very rarely has there been an author so dedicated to their work that they continue to engage and empathise with fans decades later. Any Harry Potter fan knows that the magic and hope the franchise inspires will persist, always.