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What Is The Issue With Paparazzi Drones?

Drones have become super popular as of late, with every man and his dog wanting to get their hands on these unmanned aerial vehicles (or UAVS). They’re controlled by a pilot on the ground and can have cameras attached to them so you can see what the view is like from the sky. My dad has a fascination with drones ever since the neighbours sent one down the road to check out our Christmas lights without actually leaving their house. He’s never understood why they did that.

However, just because they’re mostly being used innocently doesn’t mean that it’ll always stay this way. Paparazzi have been using this drone technology to get photos of celebrities since 2014, with many celebrities feeling unsafe in their own homes due to the long lense cameras and video recorders that can be attached to the drones.

With celebrities increasingly using social media to speak out about these gross invasions of privacy, it’s being put into the public eye more often. This was the case with Sunrise host Samantha Armytage. She put up a photo on Instagram of a paparazzi drone hovering above her backyard.

Judging by the language that she’s used in this caption, it’s clear that she is unfortunately used to the drones being part of her life away from the cameras. This is obviously a problem.

Although she’s not the first to be targeted by a paparazzi drone, she definitely won’t be the last. Paparazzi drones may be slowly becoming the norm for paparazzi who want that inside scoop and will clearly breach people’s privacy in order to get it. Due to the fact that everyone and anyone can buy and man a drone, regulation of this technology would be difficult.

Some have gone to extreme measures to stop these paparazzi drones, with some hotels using falcons to ward off the invasion! However, what about those who don’t have access to these falcons? What can they do?

Invasion of privacy is GROSS! Source.

I don’t have a solution. I don’t know what they could do, apart from the falcons. It would be easy to blame it on society and the need for knowing everything about everyone, but it seems like flying an unmanned drone just to get that shot is taking things a bit too far.