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The future of fitness: Q&A with CMO of Keep It Cleaner, Michelle Battersby

Keep It Cleaner (a.k.a KIC) is an online lifestyle program that aids a better life “without all the fuss”. Their meal, fitness and mindfulness tips guide fitness-lovers to tone up and zen out – whilst having a good time, of course. 

On July 1st, KIC launched a 14 Days of Wellness program that saw different activities taking place virtually for the KIC community – from goal setting to cooking lessons to live Q&As with sex therapist Chantelle Otten. 

With Covid-19 – a time of uncertainty for all industries – we spoke to Michelle Battersby CMO at Keep It Cleaner (KIC) about the future of fitness. 

Q: What is your opinion on the future of fitness?

A: The health and fitness industry has certainly been challenged this year. Many Australians have been put in a unique position where they only have the option to exercise at home. This has shown people that working out at home is possible and enjoyable. Consumers may be surprised by their own results and ability to commit to the sessions they’ve chosen to do, even when done from the comfort of their own home. 

Q: Do you think fitness habits/ behaviours have changed due to COVID? And why, exactly?

A: Many Individuals have been put in positions where working out from home is their only option, we’ve certainly seen these behaviours at KIC whereby our community began to grow and there was a high demand for at-home equipment-free workouts. As well as this, what was driving people to the KIC app and our online Facebook group was finding a sense of support and community. There is something really powerful in people around Australia all doing the same KIC workout each day from the comfort and safety of their homes. At KIC we provide an online wellness program that helps our community live a better lifestyle without the fuss, even during these extraordinary times.  

Q: How are platforms like KIC flipping the industry on its head with less of a focus on comparisons and physical transformation?

A: Since its launch in late 2018, KIC has always been focused on lifestyle changes that are accessible, fuss-free and easy to adapt no matter where you are in your wellness journey. We focus on eliminating the need for comparisons and continual assessment of your physical self.  KIC is about transforming your mind with the support of a strong community, with a physical transformation a bi-product of the KIC journey. This gentle, more realistic approach to wellness is really what many members of our community are craving from their fitness in 2020. 

Q: Can you explain the importance of digital communities when it comes to one’s fitness journey?

A: KIC has amassed a strong online following with over 300,000 Instagram followers, 35,000 members on our FB community and thousands and thousands of subscribers around the globe. We are strong believers in that together we can work through the challenges of 2020, with a strong focus on moving our body regularly, being inspired by new recipes, being mindful when we can and coming together as a supportive community.  This community gives us all a sense of virtual support, as we navigate together unprecedented times.