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#Influencer: The Beginning

Have you ever wondered what being a social media influencer is really like?

Over 800 million users are on Instagram, I can guarantee that you’re one of them. I certainly am. We always seem to follow people like Tammy Hembrow, Kylie Jenner or Shani Grimmond, all social media influencers. They get the most likes, the most followers and the most aesthetically pleasing photos.

Have you wondered what it is like to be one of them?

Well, I have news for you. I am taking on this challenge. Over the next three months I will be building my own Instagram following. I will be researching the art of Instagram and becoming a social media influencer. My aim is to reach 10K followers – I know, what a crazy number.

I’ll be doing the research for you, seeing how people like Tammy Hembrow of Shani Grimmond have reached their Instagram fame. I also want to see the impact of this constant social media usage on myself and see the impact on the audience I’m targeting.

I took on this project because I am constantly attached to my phone and to Instagram, like most of my generation, not thinking it would be too much of a change to my life, but I’m sure we’ll see what happens.

Have you ever wondered how much time it takes to be a social media influencer?

Is it just a side hobby or is it a lifestyle?

Over the next three months I will be seeing this hobby or perhaps lifestyle, fully immersing myself in the world of Instagram and it’s impacts. Like many of you, I am a student, I work three jobs and somehow try to fit in a social life into this crazy life of mine. I hope to maintain this social experiment on becoming a social media influencer and record the impacts on my day to day life for you all.

Along this crazy journey I’m undertaking, I’ll be designing a particular Instagram style, I’ve chosen for it to be fitness and cosmetic focused, as these are two popular styles on Instagram and seem achievable for me. I’ll be posting new content daily and recording what it’s like via blogs and vlogs so you can all keep up to date with the experiment. I’ll be working towards a couple of goals throughout the journey, so follow along.

I’m hoping for a successful social experiment, and we’ll worry about my own mental wellbeing after the experiment perhaps. If you all want to keep updated, follow my Instagram handle @savannah_rosalind, see the content I’m posting and follow my journey in becoming a social media influencer. Wish me luck!