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“I Am Heath Ledger” Documentary Will Break Your Heart

Watching a documentary about the life of a deceased person will only end in one way – tears. You mourn for what could have been, the work they could have done. I Am Heath Ledger is no different.

Heath recorded every minute of his life, and so this documentary was different from most. It contained personal footage that had never be seen before, showing the side of Heath that his fans never saw. This, combined with in depth interviews of friends, family and past lovers, as well as clips from his films pulled you right into Heath’s world.

His friends and family joked that he was constantly moving, showing up at their house at 6am with breakfast because he’d had an idea overnight that he wanted to share with them. He burned bright and fast, excited about his films, directing and future prospects. He threw himself into his roles, into fatherhood, and never looked back.

Heath Ledger never wanted to play the same role twice. He was intent on reinventing himself with every new character he played. From Patrick Verona, to Ennis El Mar to the Joker. Each role was new; each role was prepared for in a different way. It’s why he was so sought after as an actor.

The film focused on his life and career, with only brief moments towards the end discussing his death. When Heath Ledger died of an accidental overdose in January 2008, some speculated that his combination of drugs was intentional. That he meant to end his life. The documentary quickly expels that idea. Matt Amato talks about how he and Heath were setting up their recording company, The Masses. His manager discusses how he was about to direct his first film about chess, something he loved. He was excited about what was to come.

I Am Heath Ledger pulls you into Heath’s world, and almost makes you jealous that you didn’t get to know him in the way his friends did. He was kind and charismatic, capturing your heart with his smile.

For fans of the actor, I Am Heath Ledger is definitely a must see. However, it is only showing at a select few cinemas, so be sure to check out session times.