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HTC has a Vive payment plan to make VR cheaper

HTC have made it a hell of a lot easier for people who are interested in owning a Vive. If you’re unaware of what a HTC Vive is, it’s a high end virtual reality headset that was released in 2016. However, because it’s a high end virtual reality headset, that means it comes with an expensive price tag.

However, not anymore! HTC have announced a payment plan at the annual Game Developers Conference that happened in San Francisco.

“For the first time, Vive is launching a financing program in North America. For $66 a month and no-interest financing for 12 months, users can purchase a Vive on Vive.com with zero down. Additional new financing options are available at varying finance terms,” it was said.

As stoked as American fans of the Vive would be, there are no payment plans available for Australians just yet. However, this is sure to bring down the complaints that American users had about the device being too expensive.

American Vive fans after finding out about the payment plan. Source.

By allowing users to pay over a year will ease the financial burden of owning new tech. Usually paying a lump sum like that is daunting, so it’s definitely good that HTC have announced this payment plan option.

HTC also announced that they will be releasing the Vive Tracker and the Deluxe Audio Strap. The Vive Tracker is generating a lot of excitement within the VR world, as it makes tracking objects in VR so much simpler, according to Joe Ludwig of Valve. Ludwig is a programmer at the American video game developer and digital distribution company.

“Building an object that can be tracked alongside the Vive can be complex. But the Vive tracker makes tracking objects in VR so simple that anyone can do it. We’re thrilled that HTC has developed this product and we’re looking forward to seeing what people build,” he said about the technology.

The Deluxe Audio Strap will be included with all new Vive sales. It’s an integrated headset audio accessory which should be available to consumers in June. Fingers crossed the payment plan comes to Australia soon.