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Holey Moley Ep8: The Brains versus Brawn Challenge

Last night fitness professional Nik Papoutsis proved only the strongest reign supreme claiming victory against the aeronautical engineer, Hayden Rogers, in a special brains vs brawn edition of Holey Moley.

“I get the opportunity to play for $100,000 in the Grand Final. I’m super excited, bring it on!” said the strongman on his win. Nik has been playing golf since he was a junior, earning the nickname “The Punisher” on the golf course for his drive shot which sees his ball travel over 300 metres. 

In a night that saw mind vs muscle and well-built vs well-read, competitors faced-off in the ultimate mini golf grudge match where only the smartest and strongest survived. In some knockout plays, personal trainer Jacinta successfully rode Greg the Shark to victory against stunt woman Angie on Putt the Plank. On Dutch Courage, it was Nick vs Hayden with Nick losing some IQ points during his encounter with the windmill. Nik “The Punisher” matched up with Ray “The Hitman” on Slip ‘N Putt which proved a slippery slope for both strong men, while Polina defeated doggie doctor, Tegan, on Parbeque.

In the final round, Nik faced-off against Hayden who successfully used his smarts throughout the competition. Hayden drew on brains and brawn when he managed to make it across the slippery log on Fowl Play in a swift and athletic move, while Nik was sent into the feathery pit below. In the end, after a high-pressured putt off, Nik punished his competitor with brawn triumphing over brains.   

Tomorrow night on Holey Moley: There is nothing more Australian than an underdog. With only two places left in the Grand Final, it’s the ultimate showdown: the amateur vs the golf pro. To achieve his dreams, the underdog will have to beat a golf pro. Can the underdog rewrite mini golf history?

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