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The Hemp, Health & Innovation Expo & Symposium is on Again in 2017

Let’s talk about Cannabis.

Sorry but no: I don’t mean the devil’s lettuce variety. Once the plant of choice for hippies the multipurpose plant has shaken off its 70s flower child aesthetic and become the eco-friendly poster plant for everything from beauty, textiles and medicine.

You can learn all about the many faces of Cannabis Sativa aka hemp at the 2017 Sydney Hemp, Health & Innovation Expo & Symposium (HHI). Coming to Sydney May 27-28, the expo is a family-friendly event perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about the cannabis plant. 

Costa Georgiadis at HHI 2016. Supplied
Costa Georgiadis at HHI 2016. Supplied

Due to the stigma attached to hemp for being taxonomically identical to Marijuana (they both share the scientific name Cannabis Sativa) many people are unaware of the uses and potential uses of the plant.  Hemp is recognised as a great alternative plant fibre for textile production as it requires far less water to grow than cotton. Hemp seeds can also be eaten, milled into flour or made into an oil which can be used in health and beauty products or consumed (foods containing hemp are expected to become available for sale in Australia November 2017). Research into medicinal cannabis is ongoing but has already proven to help in cases of severe paediatric epilepsy.

HHI 2016. Supplied

Across the two day event visitors can see the largest ratified hemp crop in the Southern Hemisphere and participate in a range of activities suitable for all age groups. More than 80 exhibitors will attend HHI over the weekend, with workshops and displays showing off the newest and most exciting uses for hemp in textiles, fashion, home wares, art, beauty products, building materials, health products, natural medicinal products and gardening and hydroponic equipment.

A number of national and international experts will also be speaking at the event on a range of topics. If you’re interested in the medicinal benefits of cannabis, check out neuroscientist Viola Brugnatelli’s presentation; if you want to learn more about the future of cannabis in Australia, look out for Victorian MP and leader of the Australian Sex Party, Fiona Patten’s event.

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