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Here’s What Happened When I Tried Blue Light Glasses

We spend our lives in front of our screens. When you think about it, it’s quite confronting; your phone, the TV, your smartwatch, the computer screen I’m looking at now typing this article. We’re constantly staring into blue light and while there is currently no evidence that says blue light is damaging to our eyes, people have reported headaches, trouble sleeping, eye strain and dry eyes to name a few.


With that being said, as a journalist, I spend most of my time on my working on my laptop, taking breaks on my phone on a Twitter or TikTok dive, and relaxing with a book on my iPad or in front of the TV before bed. Am I ever really resting my eyes if not when sleeping? I’ve found over time when I finish my workday my eyes feel fatigued and I may or may not have the classic end of workday headache. It’s not fun, but as a screen addict, I knew I had to give blue light glasses a try to see if I could spot a difference.



Blue light glasses have been on the market for a while and have been a highly contested product. I have always wondered if they actually worked. I have this vivid memory of hinting to my dad that I wanted a pair of blue light blocking glasses for Christmas years ago and he found the ugliest yellow-tinted lenses on Amazon and I backed right out. We’ve luckily come a long way since the early days of the trend gaining traction on the internet.


Thanks to Quay Australia, you’ll have the most stylish blue light blocking glasses around, and you’ll probably continue wearing them through the day just for the clout of having a new accessory to include. Quay’s chic range of blue light glasses offers a variety of styles, frames, sizes and colours. It’s the perfect way to shop for any fashion and accessory lover. What’s even better is they aren’t tinted yellow (sorry dad) but clear and elegant with a visible blue tint on the lens when titled towards the light.



On the first day of use, I found myself continually reaching for my glasses because as I said before, I’m constantly in front of screens. I placed the glasses on my desk ready for use and ironically found myself placing them on my head throughout the day. I’ve never worn glasses (other than sunnies) in my life so I had to get out of the habit of placing them on my head as I chipped away at my emails and articles. As the day went on I got used to the feeling of glasses on my face, I snapped a few feeling myself selfies and FaceTimed my dad to show them off, and in classic dad fashion he smugly said they made me “look smarter”. But to my surprise, at the end of the day, no headache!


I went on using my glasses in the evening looking at my phone and catching up on some Real Housewives episodes, and by the time it was time for bed my eyes didn’t feel as dry or fatigued as they normally would.


All in all, the experience was well worth it, and the Quay frames are so cute I enjoy wearing them. The after-effects of how I felt could very well be a placebo effect, but I’m still wearing them as I type this, and I’ll probably pick up a few more gorgeous styles from Quay to mix it up.



If you’re looking to try out blue light glasses for yourself then I would highly recommend Quay. The glasses are stunning to look at, crystal clear, and I genuinely feel that they made my workday better. You’ll probably get a few compliments around the office or in your next uni lecture.