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Grandma Uber Is The Hero We Didn’t Know We Needed

For women in Brisbane getting home has been made a lot easier thanks to a woman commonly known as ‘Grandma Uber’. Kathy Raydings, a 57 year old grandmother, initially started working for Uber due to a workplace injury. It was while driving around the Gold Coast that she quickly saw the problems that many women face trying to get a lift home at night.

Raydings was inspired to start ‘Grandma Uber‘ by the tales that she heard from some of her female passengers while working as an Uber driver. Travelling by yourself as a woman can be dangerous, so Kathy rolled up her sleeves and decided that she might as well try and fix the problem herself.

‘Our girls are precious. They can’t fend off men like men can fend off men’ Kathy Raydings said.

Raydings has now quit her other job to work full-time as a driver for women. More than 5000 women have gotten into her car since she started her  business in March, and the numbers are steadily climbing.

If you’re lucky enough to book Grandma Uber (her solid client base and impeccable reputation make Kathy pretty busy), you will also be treated to homemade goods both sweet and savoury. Maccas trips are also on the cards because Grandma Uber knows that chicken nuggets = life.

The next best thing to your Mum driving you home

You will also be comforted by the knowledge that you are getting home safe and sound after a big night out. No need to worry about  regular taxi or Uber drivers overstepping their bounds.

It’s great to know that there is someone like Raydings driving around and protecting vulnerable women, and making sure they get home safely. Although this is only in Brisbane at the moment, let’s hope it spreads all around the nation. Go Grandma Uber!