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Good finds: Multi-purpose active wear that boosts your confidence

QLD fashion and fitness guru Lisa Pucciarmati owns a small female-only boutique gym in Brisbane. With the inevitable closures – especially during the early days of the pandemic, she decided to pivot her direction and created an activewear brand: Stellar Active

With my recent weight loss of 26kg (thanks to the beginning of lockdown where I finally confronted my unhealthy lifestyle which consisted of binge-eating UberEats and drinking too much wine) I’ve been eager to try different activewear sets by a range of brands. And, of course, so far I’ve found the more luxe and good-quality sets are completely unaffordable – even when I had more dosh in the bank pre-COVID-19!

weight loss after an active journey
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Sampling Stellar Active’s latest set – a stunning and rather sexy number that sports the one-shoulder look – I instantly felt comfortable, even with its riskier aesthetic. The active-wear bra and premium, black tights are both classic, simple and effortless in its design. It feels similar to lululemon’s quality and fabric, meaning it’s definitely not a cheap and nasty feel!

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The best part: No hefty price tag!

Working out was fun! I felt playful and confident when getting active in the garden, training with friends, and going for runs around the local park. I was definitely worried one of my bosoms would slip out since it was a one-shoulder sports bra! However, it didn’t happen (thank god). Still, though, I would have opted for the large rather than medium for the top. Pro tip: Go for the size bigger in the top if you aren’t sure, and stay with your usual size for tights.

one shoulder black active wear set
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I also found that because it wasn’t a standard set, I could repurpose the top and bottoms for other occasions besides working out. I wore the sports bra under a black see-through top (paired with jeans) for a small gathering, as well as a ‘bikini top’ when jet-skiing last weekend. Not trying to toot my own horn, but compliments were most definitely received. 

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