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Golden Gaytime Donuts? When Will it End!?

Once news spread about the Golden Gaytime and the Cornetto combining to make the Golden Gaynetto, people’s minds went wild.

Luckily, since we live in an age of ‘let’s see if we can create a doughnut out of this’, the the innovative doughnut makers at Doughnut Time have heard your cries for “MORE GAYTIME” and have created the Golden Gaytime Doughnut.


Aptly described as ‘It’s always a gay time!’, the doughnut is looking pretty mouthwatering. With milk chocolate glaze, crushed biscuits, golden caramelised crepes and a filling of honeycomb custard, it’s sure to satisfy all of your Golden Gaytime needs (or at least the ones that can’t be filled with the ice cream and only with the doughnutversion of the ice cream).


These babies were released on the 24th of September, so all you have to do is head out to your local Doughnut Time and get one! But judging by the way they look (which is delicious), they probably won’t be around for long. Maybe if we buy enough, they’ll keep them around for ages and make them a staple, like the Nutella doughnut. Fingers crossed!