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Why going to a movie alone is the best

Have you ever wanted to see a newly released movie but your friends just aren’t interested? Maybe you’re having a boring day at home and want to have some fun? Or you just want some me time?

We all love watching movies. They’re like taking a vacation to a different reality where we can forget all our troubles. Movies let us watch our favourite characters kick ass, make us cry and leave us laughing, and going to the cinema emphasises the experience. Adding a big screen, amazing (but overpriced) popcorn and a few of your mates turns seeing a movie into an event. But why do we think it’s weird when someone goes to the cinema alone? Because it shouldn’t be, and here’s why:

You don’t have to worry about your friends talking over the movie.

Have you ever just wanted to watch a movie with some friends, but throughout the flick all you hear are the life stories of the actors and how shitty that fight scene was? Going alone solves all these problems. No more having to worry about being asked  what hair colour suits Emilia Clarke better.

Emilia Clarke in Terminator Genisys. Source.

You get the food all to yourself.

No one wants to touch hands in the popcorn bucket. It’s just awkward. Avoid the situation altogether by seeing a movie solo and you’ll be able to feast to your heart’s content on those sweet buttery kernels. You won’t be left rummaging around the bottom of the bucket of popcorn 20 minutes into the movie because your friend decided to eat it all during the trailers.

You don’t have to worry about seating as much.

500 rows of bummer. Source.

You and your group of friends decide to go see the latest movie. As you are booking tickets you discover that you’ll all have to sit separately due to previous seat allocations. The solution? Go by yourself and fit into any seat that hasn’t been sold. Especially when you’re in an empty cinema, the stigma of sitting by yourself makes everyone who enters after you give you as much space as they can. WHICH IS GOOD.

You can plan it however you want.

Sitting alone isn’t as bad as it seems. Source.

No need to worry about meeting times, parking spots, what movie to go see, what time is best for everyone, whether to go gold class or normal, people being late or any of the other annoying stuff that comes with planning a movie with friends. All of this is solved because you’re on your own schedule. This day is for you and you can do whatever makes you happy. If you want to watch a corny romance movie, go ahead! No one is going to stop you but yourself. Going to the cinema alone gives you the freedom to do what you enjoy the most.

Source: Tumblr