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Go Hard or Go Home

As the Rio Olympics draws closer, the Australian team are training hard and getting all the necessities together. However, this year, there’s just one thing they definitely won’t be short of …condoms.


As expected, the Olympic Village can get very hot and steamy (and not just at training), so there are vending machines which stock 450,000 condoms (no joke) for the athletes throughout the village. There are 35,000 male condoms and 100,000 female ones provided, with no shortage of lube (75,000 sachets will be available).

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In addition, local manufacturer Starpharma, will supply the Aussie team with an additional 1500 condoms, which come with “dual protection” in the form of an anti-viral lubricant. The extra protection is to help the possible effects of the Zika virus, which has recently had an outbreak in Brazil. This disease can be sexually transmitted and can lead to severe birth defects and immune disorders. It is believed that this it is a mosquito borne virus and is extremely dangerous.


More specifically the lubricant is laced with a gel called VivaGel. The gel has proven to suspend the effects of STI’s and also the Zika virus. This is where you get the dual protection: condom+antiviral lube = no Zika AND no babies.


Starpharma has ensured the safety of our athletes on and off the field, so they can go hard and hopefully go home with some medals and not diseases.