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But Isn’t it Always Hot in Oz?

Here on planet Earth, we’re a competitive bunch and we like to break records. Winning is everything.

In February in Australia, we successfully broke the record for the country’s hottest month. And guess what? This time it wasn’t with the assistance of a strong El-Nino* – We pretty much did it ourselves.

In 2014 we set the record for hottest global temperatures and then beat it again in 2015! I don’t know about you, but I am so proud.


And you know that eye-sore of a Great Barrier Reef? Well, we’re in the process of bleaching that out of existence too. There’s 7% of the reef left to work on, but I think we’ll get close enough by 2030. I mean, does anyone really like fish?

But don’t get too excited just yet. I have something even better for you.

You know how we all like summer? Well, humans are discovering a way to make sure that it stays hotter for longer.


March was the hottest month globally recorded, and it wasn’t even a close call.

And most excitingly we have found a way to get rid of Autumn. So Sydney-siders, don’t bother getting your jackets out just yet.

Sydney recorded its hottest April day since we started actually recording temperature levels and kept up the city’s reputation of being unbearably hot. April  has already taken one for the team, and May looks like it will too.

So welcome to planet Earth, the place where when we run out of actual things to destroy, we work our way through the seasons.

*In comparison with el nino of 1997-98 which held the previous record.