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Global Climate Change Week Starts Next Week

Global Climate Change Week will run from October 10th to 16th with aims to encourage discussion, action and solutions to the worldwide issue of climate change. The week is an initiative started by the University of Wollongong’s Dr. Keith Horton and is in its third year. Over this time, the week has grown to become a global event with 255 activities now registered worldwide. At UOW, a wide variety of events will be hosted through the week.

The first event associated with UOW will be held on Monday 8am at Puckey’s Beach, Fairy Meadow. The event is a demonstration which encourages volunteers to help measure how far water will rise up the beach shore line if global temperatures should rise.

Don’t wanna lose this beauty

Other events throughout the week include a film screening of the award winning documentary ‘Chasing Ice’, a panel discussion about climate justice, ethical transitions and young people, and even a party at Corrimal Surf Club to help raise money to get solar panels on the surf club roof.

Gotta love that renewable energy

UOW’s Innovation Campus will also host tours of the campus’ multi-award winning net-zero energy house.

There will be activities going on at universties in Sydney as well. The University of New South Wales is hosting an array of exciting activities as are the University of Technology, Sydney.

The week is aimed at encouraging all people from academic communities, to engage their surrounding community and policy makers in discussion and solution-making to the climate change crisis.

Events through the week are open to anyone and everyone, so check out the Facebook events to find something you are interested in and help be a part of this growing movement and worldwide week-long event.