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Get Ready To Be Girt By Fear Australia

It was an unusual Saturday night at the Petersham bowlo in Sydney’s Inner West.

The usual lawn bowls crowd had been substituted by a mass of Halloween party goers and we looked like a scene out of an Australian horror story.

And the fact is, we almost were.

Classic Australian suburbia. Source

It was the premiere of the new horror web series, Girt by Fear, where together, we “followed a group of twenty-somethings on their way to a Halloween party they’ll never forget.”

The series is like “round the twist for adults”, says writer and producer Joel Perlgut, and “is about the strange and supernatural terrors lurking in the suburbs of Sydney.”

It’s enough to make you want to lock your windows and doors, and watch the whole series under the cover of darkness (and a doona).

The episodes were short, dynamic, and interesting. The diversity of the acting reflects Australia’s great local talent.

Girt by Fear
Girt by Fear’s producers. Source

If you’re looking for a short and sharp taste of new Australian horror and film making, this is where you’ll find it.

“We wanted to make something our friends wanted to watch. About young people, Sydney and terrifying monsters,” says director and producer Yiani Andrikidis.

For anyone who loves a causal dose of satirical horror that will confirm all your suspicions about Sydney’s eerie side, Girt by Fear is for you.

You can watch all six episodes of Girt by Fear by visiting their website.