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Free tattoos (with a catch!) in Sydney for Rage 2 Game release

Have you ever dreamed of getting a spontaneous tattoo? And that tattoo being free? Well, last weekend at Hunter and Fox Tattoo Studio in Sydney, every daredevil’s dream came true.

Rage 2, released yesterday on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, partnered up with Hunter and Fox to give out free tattoos before the release of the game. Rage 2 is a chaotic first-person shooter game – the perfect way to let off steam and ‘kill’ time. I’m funny. The video game publisher Bethesda, who have also released Fallout 76 and Doom Eternal, have done a great job at showing consumers this game truly is full of rage, in the lead up to Rage 2’s release.

But, of course, there was a catch in getting a free tattoo at the event last Saturday. The line of tattoo lovers weren’t able to choose what tattoo they received. Instead, they were only allowed a sneak peak at the selection of fierce and ‘ragey’ tattoo options so they knew what they were in for and so they could pray they were tattooed their favourite, and pray even harder that they weren’t given (for life) any of the ones they hated.

The tattoo options included a barbed-wire anarchy symbol, a grenade, a monkey that’s smoked a few too many durries in his time, a grim reaper, cherries on fire, and a love heart with the words ‘GOON’ written across it. So, not for everyone! However, there was still a solid lineup as this definitely targeted a niche group of Sydneysiders. The tattoo options were designed by Heath Nock and Lauren Winzer from Hunter and Fox to have a similar tone to the Rage 2 game. These tattoo artists are actually the masterminds behind some of Miley Cyrus and Post Malone’s tattoos. That’s pretty sick.

I asked everyone in the line, as they waited patiently for their tattoos, what design they hoped for. The vast majority of people were most attracted to the dagger tattoo, but weren’t huge fans of the writing – “No Ragegrets”. I’m not sure I would be either. Other favourites included the bomb and the skull.

rage 2 tattoo
Image via Instagram (ethanmodboybramble)

Least favourite options were pretty much the same for everyone. The tattoo of the baby raging, and the barbed wire anarchy symbol were the ‘no-go’s’ for many. However, Ethan Bramble who has about 80% of his body tattooed, actually wanted the anarchy symbol – and that’s just what he got. When I asked Bramble how many tattoos he has, he simply said ‘one’, because all of his tattoos basically connect into one large tattoo. I couldn’t disagree with him – that kid is inked up to the max.

rage 2 tat
Image: supplied

My boyfriend Oli took one for the team and decided to get a free tattoo. Just to give you a de-brief on Oli’s style of tattoos: he has the ‘ball-gazer’ symbol, “Who’s Scott Green” written across his leg, a ‘stick and poke’ of a smiley face on his birthmark, two M&M’s to symbolise his dogs Monty and Mungo, and a very rude personal joke about a friend’s mum. Our friend still hates him for it.

Anyway, to say the least, I wasn’t surprised that Oli would be up for this. He was given the yellow-toothed monkey tattoo. I’ll be honest, I was a little nervous. Not for him, but for me having to see a raged monkey locking eyes with me every time I see Oli. However, I’ve now completely changed my opinion on it and the monkey is now probably my favourite of Oli’s tattoos.

Rage 2 monkey


Let’s hope everyone had #NoRAGEgrets. Amiright?

Which tattoo was your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!