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Founder of Minecraft explains game inspo

Minecraft is that game that kind of looks like Lego but isn’t. It’s a computer game that allows you to do whatever you want, like collect resources and build awesome houses.

There recently was a convention in the Sydney Opera House (not the first time they’ve held cool events tbh) that was held for Minecraft, which fans of the game were very excited about due to the fact it was a Minecraft convention. I don’t think there are many held, despite the popularity of the game.

The two-day festival was true to the games’ style of ‘choose your own adventure’, but Pedestrian TV asked the question on everyone’s lips: Why do the characters in Minecraft kind of look like knock-off Lego men?

Look how cute this guy is! Source.

Luckily, Minecraft’s lead creative designer Jens Bergensten had the answer:

“In one way, it’s like your own LEGO world where you have an infinite amount of bricks you can knock down for resources and use to create tools or build new constructions.”
However, the games’ inspiration doesn’t lie with Lego. It lies with a niche game that sounds really really hard.
“It was inspired [by] a game called Dwarf Fortress, which is about dealing with a clan of dwarfs in a mountain,” he said. “So it was more along the lines of a fantasy game where you would dig for resources in the ground and build houses.”
“That was the spark and everything else has been building on that.” 
So, there you have it.
Not Lego.
This game.
Source: Youtube

Look how hard this looks! No thanks!

I’ll stick with Minecraft.