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Catch Ya Later Uni

It’s my last day of uni today. Ever. And I’m sad. After today, never again will I sit in a university classroom with a bunch of like-minded like-aged people and learn. But I’m not sure if I’m ready for it to end.

Over the course of my degree I have had some shockingly poor teachers, have been taught some truly irrelevant stuff and wasted many hours in pointless lectures – watching a documentary about the typeface ‘Helvetica’, twice, is not going to teach me how to become a better journalist.

But these moments have all been overshadowed by the many enthusiastic, clever and incredibly patient teachers I’ve had the privilege of learning from. From Russian history teachers who draw directly from their nation’s past and encourage you to revolt against the government, to journalism lecturers whose passion for their craft spills out of them with every class they teach.


But uni wouldn’t be anything without the fellow students. The people who fill the lecture halls (if the lecture is about what’s in the final exam), the coffee lines and the car parks. The people who know exactly how much stress you’re under and exactly how much you still want to go out and drink. I’ve met a lot of fellow students in my time at uni, some whom I have shared the same uni journey with for the last four years, and some whose names I don’t think I even ever knew. So I just wanted to say cheers to anyone and everyone I’ve shared a coffee, classroom, beer, conversation, tears and laughter with. Thanks for putting up with my shitty small talk and for letting me borrow your copy of the reading.

Yesterday I sat on the lawn in the centre of uni, surrounded by sunshine, people, dogs and good music. And I cried. Big stupid tears about how great life was at that very second, and about how I probably won’t ever be in that situation again.

And I feel silly because no one else seems to be feeling the same way. Everyone else I know who is graduating is excited to never have to sit in another lecture hall, never write another essay and never struggle through another group assignment again. I guess I’m just going to miss being here. Because uni is an alright place to be really, and learning is kind of an awesome thing to be doing. And even though group assignments suck, it’s been a pleasure. All of it.

Anyway, sorry for the sap. I’m off to enjoy my last day of class and last pre-class beer. So long UOW, and thanks for all the ducks.