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Finally! Animal Crossing Is On Your Phone!

Your favourite game from your childhood is now available on your smartphone!

Released late October for iOS and Android devices, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is everything you wanted and more in a portal version of the massively popular console Nintendo game. Australian fans were the first in the world to test out the new game and it did not disappoint.

When the initial announcement of the game came out, I was worried it would be one of those games where you have to wait real-time hours for something to build/grow, or it would be heavily dependant on in-app purchases. Whilst these elements do exist, they aren’t annoying or impact the enjoyment of the game. Leaf Tickets can be bought as an in-app purchase and they can be used to speed-up production on furniture or growth of fruit on trees.

Animal Crossing
Smoothie by the beach with your animal favs. Source.

The graphics of the game are bright, beautiful and remind you why you fell in love with the series in the first place. Unlike in the previous games, you are able to design the look of your Villager character, rather than being generated based on how you answer questions. In this game, instead of being set in a town, you are put in charge of a campsite.

The basis of the game pretty much remains the same from the previous games – you do simple tasks for Animal Villagers in exchange for items such as furniture and Bells (the currency in this universe). This game, however, allows you to craft your own furniture from materials given to you from the Animals, such as cotton, wood and metal. The aim is to craft and decorate your campsite to the specifications of different Animals in order for them to visit you. Meanwhile, you can build up your friendship levels with them. I definitely had ‘gotta catch them all!’ vibes.

Animal Crossing
Yay, friendship! Source.

Fishing, bug catching and fruit picking are still fun and wholesome activities you can do, with the mechanics seamlessly translated from the console version to the smartphone. You can now collect multiple fish and bugs at once with ocean nets, and use honey to attract critters.

You can visit the campsites of your friends or even complete strangers. Who doesn’t ever feel envious of the furniture haul and decorating aesthetic of others.

Old and new players to this game won’t be able to resist the adorable Animal Villagers, the always catchy soundtrack, and the interior (now exterior) decoration.

Why doesn't mine look like that
WHY?! Source.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is available now on the Australian Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Check out the gameplay trailer below.