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Feminism Needs Men

For anyone who doesn’t know about the Brock Turner rape case, maybe you’ve been hibernating for the last several weeks, but a quick Google search should clear that right up. For anyone who has been following this sexual-assault-court-case-come-rape-culture-saga, you will know that over the weeks, the case has just seemed like a boxing match, where blow after blow keeps coming and we just have to keep rolling with the punches. But there is no way it’s Turner who will deliver the final knockout.

I’m glad that so many people have become outraged and consumed by the unbelievable circumstances of the Stanford Rape Case. I’m glad that Brock Turner’s face has been splashed all across the internet, even if it means I feel sick and angry every time I see it.


A few of my male Facebook friends have shared their disgust about the case on their timeline. And I was really happy to see that they agreed with me about the hideous amount of support there is for Turner, from family, friends and the legal system. On both occasions, the posts got overwhelming support in the way of likes and comments, creating a great discussion between all genders.

But every day over the weeks, dozens of my female facebook friends have shared the latest news on the saga and stated their rage. Their posts got a few likes and sometimes a comment. Almost always from females.

This is a part of the problem.

A woman who is a feminist, is seen as typical, at the most positive end of the spectrum. Scaling way down to near psychopathic. However, a man who is a feminist is seen as a hero. What a great guy he must be. How good of him to stand up for equality in society.

And it is good, it’s great!

But why is it that all women who are feminists are seen as man-haters? Why are we seen as selfish, loud and unsatisfied with what we’ve already achieved? Because when a woman is sexually assaulted behind a dumpster and her rapist gets sent to jail for six months, obviously we have not achieved enough.

Why is it such a courageous and applaudable act for a male to actively support equality and a society that blames the rapist, not the victim/alcohol/party-culture/political correctness?

Men, if standing up for the rights, safety and value of women is not enough to make you a feminist (and it bloody should be), then do it for yourselves. The reputation of men is being dragged through the dirt by people like Brock Turner. Yet feminists are bullied with backlash such as the #notallmen hashtag. This is such a relevant saying, but it should be directed at the men who are causing the need for such a trend to occur.


The best way to tell the world that #notallmen are rapists/murderers/abusers is to stand for feminism and acknowledge that yes, some men are rapists/murderers/abusers, and I stand with the victims. Don’t torment women for wanting to live in a safe and fair environment.

The only way for true social equality to be achieved between all the genders is for average men to acknowledge the harm other men are doing to women and to the reputation of men. And to actively say no, this is unacceptable. And then realise this action is not heroic, but simply that of a decent human being.