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Father John Misty Unveils Single & Film For New Album

Father John Misty (aka Josh Tillman) is a man constantly serving songs addressing political irony and the absurdity of modern convention. His new single “Pure Comedy”, is no different.

It’s an odyssey through the human condition, from birth (“We emerged half-formed and hope that whoever greets us on the other end is kind enough to fill us in”), to claiming religion is practiced by narcissistic “women-hating epileptics.”

Gif Father John Misty
Am I the messiah? Source.

The music of “Pure Comedy” draws on the same elements as “Bored in the USA” from his previous album I Love You, Honeybear, with Elton John-esque sensibilities. However, the song doesn’t seem to want to cradle you through its morose lyrical journey, but rather make you startlingly aware.

The film clip features graphic drawings of promiscuous endeavours and mass hysteria, paralleled with recent clips of Donald Trump, while Misty sings “Where did they find these goons they elected to rule them?”

Gif Father John Misty
Awww Misty…Source.

Father John Misty fans will also be happy to hear that a day after releasing “Pure Comedy”, he also released a 25-minute film called Pure Comedy [The Film], that features intimate studio footage from the recording sessions of his up-coming album of the same name, out April 7 via Sub Pop.

The film is surreal, with dissonant orchestration setting scenes of Hollywood on fire, that seamlessly cut to Misty recording in the studio with string ensembles and choirs. It’s a sneak-peek at some of the new material that will possibly be on the new album—and we can’t wait.