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Fans turn on Bachelor Richie

If you heard heartbroken screams around 9pm Thursday night, never fear – that was just the sound of The Bachelor Australia coming to a juicy end.

People across the country were suitably shocked as The Bachelor, Richie Strahan, revealed his decision on last night’s season finale. Spoiler alert – it was Alex.

The season final featured a final date with with Richie’s top two ladies, Nikki Gogan and Alex Nation, while on their Balinese getaway. However this trip also included the slightly more difficult task of meeting Richie’s mother Kate, and sister Alana.

It was at this point that Australia’s hearts were set.

Crowd favourite Nikki Gogan – Source

While Alex seemed to have made a reasonable impression with Kate and Alana, when they discovered she had a five-year-old son, Elijah, Kate had some serious concerns.

That must have meant Nikki had it in the bag right? Wrong. While real estate agent Nikki, who lives only an hour away from Richie in Perth was a clear favourite with his family, Richie clearly felt different.

Despite also being the crowd favourite, Nikki was left heartbroken after Richie revealed his heart belonged with Alex.

Stop smiling! You’re supposed to be with Nikki! – Source

Well did Australia have something to say about that.

Fans of the show quickly turned on the bachie, calling him an “idiot” and stating that his decision would “ruin his life”. Social media exploded with people criticising his choice and sending Nikki words of encouragement.

Richie spoke to Fairfax Media last night and said that his decision had his mother’s full support.

“My mum really likes Alex. I was always going to follow my heart. As much as you think your family would have a big influence on your decision, at the end of the day it’s me in that relationship. My mum is just happy that I’m extremely happy.”

Richie and Alex are looking to move to Melbourne together in the future and have said they’re looking forward to spending time together now that the finale has been put to air.