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Ticketek and Ticketmaster sites crash for Adele fans

If you’ve ever tried to buy a ticket to a big performer that’s coming to Australia (like, I don’t know, Adele or Justin Bieber) then you’ve probably realised that trying to get tickets to these events through Ticketmaster and Ticketek is a lot like the Hunger Games.

Probably people who scored tickets. Source.

You have to be at your computer, have the website loaded and refresh it until the tickets go on sale. This is only to find that you’re at the back of the virtual queue and have to stay on the same page while it’s refreshing every 20 seconds. Talk about a nightmare.

By the time you get to the actual ticket buying, the tickets you desperately wanted are taken. So are your backups. However, on some rare occasions, like when people tried to buy tickets to Adele’s stadium show, they were met with an even nastier shock.

Neither Ticketek or Ticketmaster could cope with the sheer mass of people wanting to watch Adele croon about lost love and heartbreak on a stadium level, causing the websites to crash. Those who were able to buy tickets only had 2 minutes and 30 seconds to quickly get the ones they wanted, fill in their card details and hopefully get to see their idol.

Once some people got over the joy of getting in, picking out their tickets and filling in their details, they found that the button to the next screen was gone and therefore they were kicked out because they ran out of time.

What makes all of this drama worse is that you’re desperate enough to risk getting in trouble from your boss for buying tickets on the job, only to miss out on the tickets to see your musical hero to scalpers. It’s heartbreaking to see the tickets you wanted on eBay for triple the price. That is how Adele fans are feeling right now.

Thinking about how you almost had Adele tickets but missed out. Source.

It’s so frustrating to go through all of this and not get the tickets that you wanted. It’s even worse when you find out the tickets that you do want are now being sold for so much more than their value when you were willing to just go through the proper channels, which was Ticketmaster and Ticketek. This isn’t the first time people have been mad at ticketing companies. It’s like their servers can’t handle big events.

I don’t have a solution to this problem, but I wish someone would have one. It’s annoying to try and buy tickets and then see scalpers jack up the prices when you haven’t managed to get them. Oh well.