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Fact Drop – Uni Break

Uni might be over for another session but that’s no excuse to stop learning. Luckily for you, we have another fun fact filled edition of Fact Drop for you to amaze colleagues and woo girls with.

1. A average human blinks around 7 200 000 times a year, which could add up to a lot of missed moments.

2. You may think that you have big eyes, but they’re nothing compared to the Atlantic Giant Squid‘s eye, which is usually 30 centimeters wide.


3. I’ve finally found my spirit animal; sloths spend around 80% of their lives asleep.

4. We all have body parts we wish we could alter, but nothing quite like the cricket. The poor insect’s ears are located on the front set of legs, slightly below its knee.

5. If you ever feel insignificant, just remember that there are at least one hundred billion galaxies in the cosmos, so you’re probably right.


6.  Hershey Kisses aren’t as sweet as you think. They’re actually named after the way the machine that makes them appears to kiss the conveyor belt.


7. Want to improve your fuel economy? Simply remove all the gas from the atmosphere. A car going at 80 km/hr uses half its fuel just trying to overcome wind resistance (mind you, you’ll probably suffocate and die before you receive any kind of gains).

8.  It is possible to make water. All you need to do is burn hydrogen gas in air that contains oxygen. Hydrogen also just happens to be super explosive, so we’d recommend just finding a tap instead.

9. Talk about greedy – The United States consume 25% of the whole world’s energy.

10. The average love making session takes about 7 minutes. Coincidentally, it also takes the average person the same time to fall asleep.

There you have it, some more tasty mind-tidbits. Go forth and amaze those around you with your superior fun fact knowledge.