Geek Pop

Fact Drop #4

Back at it again with the mind blowing facts.

Want to make a good impression in the first weeks of uni? Want everyone in your tutorial to think you’re smart and cool? Well drop some of these babies into the conversation and you’ll be well on your way.

  1. Jupiter’s moon Ganymede is not only so big that it has it’s own magnetic field, but it is also bigger than the planet Mercury.
  2. If you  have a peanut allergy, you might want to stick clear of dynamite, which contains peanuts as one of the ingredients. If you don’t have a peanut allergy probably steer clear of it regardless.
  3. Your brain can store over 4 terabytes of information. That’s a lot of space for Game of Thrones.
  4. Next time someone calls you a slug, politely remind them that all humans share about 70% of our DNA with slug kind.

  5. There may not be actual butterflies in your stomach, however when you blush your stomach lining also reddens.
  6. Allegedly, around the age of 50 is when you will begin to enjoy all those bitter foods your elders seem so found of.
  7. Don’t want to get robbed? Half of bank robberies happen on a Friday. Cash your pennies on a boring Wednesday instead.
  8. Eyebrows on point? Well you have 3-5 months with every eyebrow hair before it sheds (unless you force the process). Spend it wisely.
  9. Wash your feet people. Mosquitoes prefer people with smelly feet. Other people do not.

  10. Red dwarf stars are really big and really cool (literally, in comparison to other stars). They burn fuel so slowly that the universe isn’t old enough for one to have died yet, therefore every red dwarf ever created is still around.
  11. I usually only do 10 facts but hey I’ll throw this one in for free. Vaccinate your kids everybody. Not a fun fact, more of a life hack on how to be a functioning human being.

So there you have it. Even more fun facts to woo and amaze with.

Still want more?