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End your tampon disposal woes with FabLittleBag

Ever felt uncomfortable about disposing of used sanitary products? Couldn’t find a bin so you did the ol’ hand bag smuggle or naughty toilet flush?

Whether you’re a flusher or a binner, periods shouldn’t be a taboo topic. No one should feel uncomfortable when it comes to disposing of their menstrual products. Unfortunately it’s commonplace to flush away sanitary products. Not only is this unhealthy for the environment, but it contributes to a vicious cycle of people feeling embarrassed about their own body.

This is where FabLittleBag comes in. FabLittleBag is a practical, biodegradable and discreet bag you can use to drop your used sanitary products into. You can then seal the bag securely with one hand using the patented finger loops. It’s easy and convenient to use and will help you feel comfortable with your body. The simplicity of its use will leave you stress and guilt-free and in control of disposal.


So what makes FabLittleBag so special? Rebecca Park is the Australian director and distributor of FabLittleBag, and has more than 20 years experience in marketing. She says that there isn’t much open dialogue in Australia about menstrual products:

“It’s not a topic that people in my social circles talk about, and once I opened up that conversation, there was lots of feedback around the inconvenience of sanitary products…It’s that awkwardness that women often find, especially when you don’t talk to each other about what to do.”

When there are so many reusable menstrual products on the market where does FabLittleBag fit in? A key aspect of Fab Little Bag is how it’s made of 35% organic material and is oxo-biodegradable – meaning it breaks down faster than a normal plastic bag, and even faster than conventional pads and tampons.

Since there’s no need to flush FabLittleBag helps the environment by keeping used sanitary products out of the rivers, seas and sewers. So not only is it more environmentally friendly than flushing, for women who use conventional pads and tampons you’ll wonder how you ever functioned without it.

“This is a product that could do really well here and help women in those situations. It’s something I didn’t know was needed.”

Make FabLittleBag part of your everyday kit. Purchase FabLittleBag online today from their official website or from Aussie online retailer The Well Nest.