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Extra Butter and Diadora’s Horrifyingly Good Collaboration

Extra Butter are no strangers to creating new and exciting concepts to inspire their shoes and bring a fun refreshing outlook on shoes through their pop culture inspired designs. They’re no strangers to the world of collaborations and have worked with Asics to create shoes like the Karaoke Gel Lyte 5 (which is based of the movie Lost in Translation) and their most recent collaboration with Diadora, pays homage to the movie genre of the spaghetti westerns, which have received polarising reactions.

Diadora x Extra Butter ‘Spaghetti Western’ Source

Coming hot off the heels of popular spaghetti westerns like Django and The Hateful Eight, this collaboration is one of the nicest shoes that I have seen in a long time and really hits a home run with the concept behind it. So far, teaser trailers have been reminiscent of horror movie previews, so it’s no surprise that the shoe would take on this persona and be a killer.

The inspiration behind the shoe is the extremely niche movie genre, ‘giallo’, which is an Italian genre of literature and film based around mystery with aspects of slasher, horror and crime fiction. This genre has had a profound influence on modern slasher and murder mystery films.

The shoe boasts a deep purple, orange and blood red suede with a perforated leather toe cap and insole that plays off the literal definition of giallo – yellow in English. 

Diadora x Extra Butter ‘Giallo’. Source.

With some of the finest quality in a shoe you will find on the market and a sneaker that makes a statement through brutal colours and the meaning behind it – how could you go wrong with this collaboration?