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Everything You Need To Know Before Rogue One

With Rogue One hitting theatres on December 15, many of you might be counting down the seconds until its release. Or maybe you’re still wondering where Rey, Finn and that cute little BB-8 droid are.

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Thankfully, for those people who still have no idea what is going on, YouTube is here to help get you up to speed.

The Basics:

Rogue One takes place between Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith and Episode 4 A New Hope. It’s the story of how the Rebellion acquired the plans of the first Death Star from the Empire. Leading them in retrieving the plans is Jyn Erso, whose father, Galen Erso, played a large role in the construction of the Death Star. That must’ve made family dinners awkward.

The Weapon:

Kyber crystals were first introduced into the Star Wars universe during the animated show, Clone Wars. In that series, Jedi younglings search the caves of Ilum for their own personal Kyber crystal to power their lightsaber.

However, the power of the Kyber crystal goes much further than lighting up a few sticks. Through the research of Galen Erso, the Empire were able to utilise the power of the crystal and weaponize it to create the Death Star’s laser beam. The story of Galen’s research with the Empire can be read about in the novel Star Wars: Catalyst.

The Rebels:

The Rebellion was formed during the final events of Episode 3 Revenge of the Sith. Between Episode 3 and Episode 4 A New Hope, rebel forces fought hard against the Empire for nearly 20 years, trying to stop them from taking over the galaxy. A key player in the Rebellion is Leia Organa, or as many now know her as, Leia Skywalker. Leia’s adoptive father, Bail Organa is the Senator of Alderaan and sits very high up in the Rebellion ranks.

Rogue One hits theatres December 15 (that’s TOMORROW people), with many cinema holding midnight screenings. It’s the first Star Wars film to be set outside of the Episodic Saga. To learn more of the backstory to Rogue One and the events leading up to the film, check out the novel Star Wars: Catalyst.