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Eight Issues WAY TOO REAL for Retail Workers

There comes a time in life where we all have to bite the bullet and work a lame job that pays the bills while we go through university, school, TAFE, etc. For many of us, we start in fast food (McDonalds, KFC, Hungry Jacks) where we’re paid like a slave and leave work covered in grease, smelling like a foot. A few years later we progress to retail. First thought: Yes, no more chicken grease! Now as much as that is a total pro, there are eight deadly con’s associated with being a retail robot.

  1. Public Holidays

If you’re the unlucky soul who is rostered on for a public holiday I pray for your sanity. My favourite part of an insanely busy day is how everyone comes in at the exact same time like the bus just pulled up, and is then confused why service is taking so long. I’m sorry were you born with eyes or do I have to show you the isle for those too?!

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 6.37.56 pm
  1. The painted on, fake smile

Yes, this is all my fault, no I cannot take your refund because I’ll be fired for accepting a ripped t-shirt, yes you can speak to my manager who will say the exact same thing I have ten times. One of the worst parts of retail, is the fake smile you put on while you’re silently killing the customer in your mind.

  1. “Are there any out the back?”

Yes, we hide stock out the back so it can go out of date and not be sold, because we aren’t trying to make money or anything.

  1. The customers that come in one minute before closing to ask a million questions and browse for fifteen minutes

We’ve been open for fourteen hours and you choose now to come in. Yes, I love working overtime for free, please stay as long as you like – I don’t have a home to go to or anything.

  1. Customers think you have way more power than you actually do

Your jeans don’t fit the way you want them to? Oh let me make a few phone calls then.

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  1. When someone is destroying a pile of clothes you spent all morning folding but refuses your help

PLEASE LET SOMEONE ASSIST YOU!!! I cannot stress this enough.

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  1. The store playlist

You can never get those repetitive songs out of your head and you experience trauma when it comes on the radio in the car.

  1. When you’re forced to greet people at the door and ask if they need help in the aisles even though you know everyone hates those people.

I know you hate me, I hate me right now too, but my boss is watching – so this is my nice face.