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Drunk Text Messages May No Longer Be A Concern

We have all been guilty of sending a drunk text or two. You have a little too much to drink, you’re sitting in your room at 1am and think, “Wow, wouldn’t it be a fantastic idea to message that boy I met in the coffee shop last week.”

It is only once the sun rises and the hangover sets in do you realise what a big mistake it was.

You wish you could take it all away, but you can’t. Well, actually, maybe you can.

Facebook-owned messaging application WhatsApp is reportedly trialling a new feature. What is that? Being able to recall or edit messages that you’ve already sent!

WhatsApp allows you to recall text messages
Something had to go right this year. Source.

However, the feature only works before the message has been read by the person on the receiving end. So pray your friends knock some sense into you before Coffee Shop Boy wakes up in the morning to spare you the embarrassment of having to explain yourself.

The feature was first spotted by a Twitter account, who tweeted out this image.

Along with this new feature, WhatsApp are rumoured to be trialing the ability to engage in “live location tracking” so the group chat can see if you’re really five minutes away like you said or still at home. They also seem to be creating their own version of Snapchat stories to enhance the “status” feature.

We hope this is the new mandatory texting feature of the future!