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Japanese Domino’s Are Training Reindeer To Deliver Pizza

Reindeer are usually known for pulling Santa’s sleigh, but Domino’s Pizza stores in the icy north of Japan have a different use for them – pizza delivery. Due to some unusually cold winter temperature predictions, Domino’s staff in Hokkaido have decided to train reindeer to deliver pizza for them. Because of course they have.

“If the reindeer runs properly, it can run up to 80 kilometres per hour” one trainer said

Although there are still some ideas being thrown around on how best to attach the pizza to the reindeer (do you strap it on Rudolph’s back or hitch Dasher to a driverless, GPS enabled sleigh?), nothing is concrete as of yet.

If they go with the sleigh idea, fingers crossed the reindeer go to the right house (I’m sure no one will be complaining if they get an unexpected free pizza though). Clearly the demand for pizza is so high up in Hokkaido that they’ve listened to the people and done what needs to be done.

Domino’s Pizza are also working with the Hokkaido Delivery Integrated Research Centre to make sure that the animals are all looked after. This is definitely ideal, as the animals came from Finland over 25 years ago and were made to live in the snow, not deliver pizza.

It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out, we’ll keep you posted!