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Disney streaming service signals the start of a new era

Netflix has given us some awesome shows; House of Cards, Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things (just to name a few). It has re-invented the way we watch content (which if you’re anything like me is pretty much all the time now). So it’s no surprise that Disney has decided it wants a little slice of the Netflix pie.

Next year Disney will launch its own streaming service in the US. This means US viewers will no longer be able to watch films such as Frozen and Toy Story through Netflix.

Binge watching: the true reason we all love Netflix. Source.

Luckily for us, Disney currently have no plans to launch the service in Australia, meaning we can all happily watch Aladdin as many times as we like through Netflix.

You might ask – why is this such a big deal?

The answer lies in the decline of pay TV. Since the launch of Netflix, viewers have been abandoning their expensive pay TV subscriptions for streaming service subscriptions that give viewers the opportunity to watch what they want whenever they want.

It’s only natural then that Disney would turn to streaming in order to take a slice of that same audience.

And with a huge catalogue of movies as well as both the Marvel and Star Wars franchises under their belt, it seems likely that this new streaming service will be a success.

The launch of the new Disney service signals the start of a new era. One where it seems companies will compete against each other to give audiences the best in streaming.

What this means for Netflix remains to be seen. With so many original films and television shows it looks like it will continue to thrive. However, we won’t see the true effects of the new Disney streaming service until it launches in the US in 2019.