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Miranda Devine Compares LGBTQI Advocates to ISIS

News Corp columnist Miranda Devine has repeatedly proven herself to be outspoken on conservative matters, with her articles sparking many debates across the internet. Her latest article however really raises the bar when it comes to hateful right-wing journalism.

On Sunday the firebrand columnist for The Daily Telegraph compared marriage equality supporters to ISIS militants, implying advocates for marriage equality “publicly behead” and “stage any number of elaborate tortures” on those who oppose marriage equality (such as Devine). An excerpt from her column reads:

“It is true that the marriage debate has unleashed hatred from intolerant authoritarians. But the victims are not loved-up LGBTIQ folk,” wrote Devine. “They are gentle Christians and other defenders of traditional marriage who have been vilified for daring to hold a contrary view. Those courageous enough to raise a head above the parapet are brutally made examples of.”

“It’s the social form of warning off perfected by ISIS when they publicly behead people or lower them in cages into swimming pools or stage any number of elaborate tortures as a lesson to others who might dare even think of being disobedient.”

“Social death awaits those who defy the fashionable position on marriage.”

And because Devine is not one to let a good opportunity for hate go past her, she went further, stating that LGBTQI community are not the victims.

“It is true that the marriage debate has unleashed hatred from intolerant authoritarians. But the victims are not loved-up LGBTQI folk.”

The LGBTQI community has suffered from discrimination and vilification for centuries. They preach only love and equality for all people, only to be met with vitriol and empty promises – but they’re not the victims?! Cue the facepalm readers…

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In the wake of these insidious and discriminating comments, a line must be drawn in the sand.

The goal of society has always been progress and betterment, but neither of these things can be achieved without one simple thing: equality.

Many countries are finally beginning to introduce marriage equality laws, so why aren’t we? These new changes are a testament to the fact that millions of people are willing to accept and welcome marriage equality with open arms, only to be held back by a hateful minority.

Speaking of welcoming new laws, Devine said that should marriage equality become welcomed into Australia, that it would only be “achieved through lies and intimidation.”

You’re kidding right? Source

What sort of “lies and intimidation” does Devine speak of? Intimidation has never, in all of our country’s history, paved the way to social reforms.

Did Indigenous Australians bully Kevin Rudd into apologizing for the Stolen Generations? No.

Did John Howard base his Gun Control reforms on lies? No he didn’t.

Never in Australian history has a new bill, law or social reform been passed through fear and intimidation. In all likelihood it never will.

I respect the opinions of conservatives and those who are anti-marriage equality, but what I cannot respect is abhorrent, unjust comparisons and using name-calling to win an argument. Devine’s article has a huge platform and many conservative people will rally behind it. Her words make something very clear though: this is not a debate, this is a prejudiced rabble  desperate for any foothold. They are people that want to halt equality, and are willing to hold us back with them.

Considering Devine’s devout Roman Catholic beliefs and history of conservatism, it’s unlikely she will retract her hateful remarks. But in light of the government’s repeated assurances that a marriage equality plebiscite would be conducted civilly, it remains to be seen if comments like Devine’s will be officially tolerated.