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We Have A Date For ‘Dear White People’

Hold on to your hats, folks. Streaming service Netflix has released a date announcement for original show Dear White People.

The show will discuss current topics of racism, the sneak peek discussing Halloween and how some white people believe blackface is an acceptable costume idea.

Hint, it is not.

The television show is actually based on a movie with the same name, starring Creed’s Tessa Thomspon as Sam White, the brave voice calling people out for the racist things they do at her mostly-white Ivy League college.

Tessa Thompson in Dear White People.
Tessa Thompson in Dear White People. Source.

Some people, however, aren’t too thrilled about this Netflix Original Series. Those people are boycotting Netflix by cancelling their subscriptions to the streaming giant.

Why? They believe it promotes anti-White sentiments.

That is ridiculous. Shows like Dear White People are supposed to provoke thought, make the audience go, “I really hope I am not like that. And if I am, I am going to change the way I act so I am not like that.”

We need shows like this in 2017.

As Karen Topham points out in her article for The Huffington Post, “In this Trumpian era, when the KKK and neo-Nazis have somehow been elevated into the mainstream, when we can already see civil rights being rolled back for immigrants and LGBT+ people by Presidential fiat […] when the majority of white America truly does not understand why a movement like BLM is needed and thinks it is some kind of domestic terrorist thing…when it is 2017 and we are seemingly more divided into a “white America” and a “black America” than we’ve been in decades…my God, why would we NOT need a show like this?”

So, get ready to sit down and watch Dear White People on April 28th. It may be an educational experience.