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Deadpool 2 Teaser is Everything Fans Hoped For

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past 24 hours you might not have seen that a teaser trailer for the next movie featuring the “Merc with a Mouth”, aka Deadpool, has dropped.

No, I’m not lying!

Funny man Ryan Reynolds released the teaser titled No Good Deed on his Twitter account today though a few people might have seen a leaked version online yesterday (shot badly on a mobile phone in the cinema of course).

This is clearly THE role Ryan Reynolds was meant to play. The teaser is a great reminder of the fast-paced, pee-your-pants humour we were treated to in the first movie.

The teaser is full of references to classic superhero themes and tropes. Reynolds cracks a clever joke aimed at Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine character (who you can catch for a final time in Logan, in cinemas now).

There’s a Gotham city style mugging going down in an alleyway, a hero getting changed into their costume in a phone booth (to the tune of Superman’s theme) complete with a moment (that will please Reynolds fans)  where he puts one of his best assets on show.

Comic-book godfather Stan Lee cameos for the umpteenth time in a moment that is (as always) hilarious, and the teaser closes out on a completely bizarre (but totally Deadpool) moment.

We’ve got no official release date yet, but we do know the Deadpool sequel will arrive in cinemas sometime during 2018. That means this can only be the first of many great teasers and trailers we’re sure to be bombarded with all the way up until the film’s release.

Mashable deadpool extra mario lopez
While we wait for more Deadpool let’s watch this GIF where he knocks Mario Lopez and his smug face off his chair. Source