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Cornetto and Golden Gaytime Had a Baby and it’s Amazing

The food gods at Streets have finally listened to the people. They’ve given us a beautiful ice cream we didn’t even know we wanted until we saw it.

The much loved Australian favourite, the Golden Gaytime, and the Aussie summer classic, the Cornetto, have been combined to create a hybrid ice cream baby dubbed the Golden Gaynetto. It’s an ice cream so good you would gladly risk brain freeze for it.

Australian innovation at its finest. Source: The AU Review

Isn’t she beautiful?

The Gaynetto combines the best aspects of both the original ice creams. It features the delectable toffee and biscuit flavours of the Golden Gaytime as well as the crunchy yet practical waffle cone of the Cornetto. By their powers combined they are the glorious Golden Gaynetto. Imagine saying that at your local servo.

This isn’t the first time the Golden Gaytime has proven that it’s more than just a glorified Paddlepop. Last year, Streets released a 1.25L tub of the popular ice cream after being lobbied by the Golden Gaytime Ice Cream Tub Project on Facebook. They’ve since also released strawberry, chocolate, and mint versions of the Golden Gaytimes in multi-packs.

Perfect in every form. Source: makeagif

The Golden Gaynetto, or simply the ‘Golden Gaytime Cornetto’ (because apparently the word ‘Gaynetto’ is too fabulous for some people to say publicly), is coming soon to Woolworths and corner stores near you. You might want to wait by the door though, as with anything that Streets adds Golden Gaytime too is bound to sell out fast!