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Childish Gambino & Chance The Rapper Tease Track

Childish Gambino and Chance The Rapper (also known as your two fave rappers ever) have been friends for a while. So naturally, it makes sense for them to tease their fans and hint at a super awesome collab mixtape. What initially sent fans into a spin was an Instagram photo of Gambino and Chance backstage at Sydney’s Field Day, where they had back-to-back sets and gave each other cute shout outs. Unfortunately, they didn’t perform together. The popular photo was posted by Chance on his Instagram.

Hawaii then LA, back to work. #roscoeswetsuit

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Now to other people, it might just look like Chance is hashtagging an old joke between himself and Gambino (which might be true, considering that they have a song called “The Worst Guys” that they collaborated on together on Gambino’s Because The Internet and that phrase ‘Roscoe’s Wetsuit’ is mentioned in the song), but fans of Gambino know to read between the lines.

Once the rapper had deleted everything and decided to go ghost on social media, fans will pretty much take anything they can get and analyse it to death. Gambino has often liked to keep things on the low and despite just releasing a new album called Awaken, My Love! on December 2nd, it appears that fans can’t get enough of the idea that Chance The Rapper and a Childish Gambino mixtape might just be released in 2017 as well.

It’s already well aware to Chance the Rapper and Childish Gambino fans that a mixtape is in existence, thanks to a Reddit Ask Me Anything back in June 2016, where a fan asked whether or not there was a mixtape. You can check the AMA here.


Who knows, we definitely need something to look forward to after the disastrous and depressing year of 2016. Maybe the fans are right about this one. Fingers crossed!