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Have a Gouda First Date with Free Cheese

When’s the last time you went on a date and didn’t check your phone? You should be lost in your date’s eyes, not chuckling at a meme your friend tagged you in.

The average person checks their phone up to 150 times a day, so it’s no surprise that phones are often the reason our social lives revolve around a small screen – but it isn’t cool when you’re glued to your phone on a date.

It’s something that’s simply progressed with technology. In an age where dates are determined by swiping your phone and texting is the norm, having a one-on-one with a fellow human can be incredibly awkward, especially if you haven’t had human contact in a while. We’re all guilty of that.

Not even lying. Source.

Well, we have some good news for you. We know a way you can get free cheese delivered to your door every Sunday this September. Cracker Barrel has partnered with Foodora and will be delivering free “Catch Up packs”, bite-sized packages with cheese, crackers and 15 conversation starter cards to hopefully end your awkward date woes.

But why cheese? Well, the whole purpose of the free cheese is because Cracker Barrel wants you to bring back the art of conversation and give you a reason to chat. There’s nothing better than sharing food with a good lookin’ date (unless you’re Joey Tribbiani).

Mike Murray, Head of Marketing, Cracker Barrel stated: “Mobile phones are increasingly becoming a distraction during social interaction. We thought we’d help re-ignite conversation by using cheese and crackers to bring people together to catch up and have a good time.”

Please. Source.

If you’re keen to get cheesy, visit the CrackerBarrelAus Facebook page to see if they’re available in your suburb. You can order through the Cracker Barrel restaurant on the Foodora app at 2pm every Sunday throughout September.

Have a gouda time!