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Chattr’s Live Election Coverage 2016

After 55 days campaigning the 2016 Federal Election is almost over. It’s been an exciting campaign marked by memes, #faketradies and a healthy dose of satire. Polling booths are now closed, and the colossal task of counting approximately 15 million votes will soon begin. With exit polls indicating that 62 per cent of voters believe Malcolm ‘jobs and growth’ Turnbull will win the election, Bill ‘100 positive policies’ Shorten has a fight on his hands to win back the 21 seats he needs. Will we have another three years of Malcolm Turnbull? Will Bill become Australia’s fifth prime minister in as many years? Will Richard di Natale come from behind to seize the election? Almost certainly not. To stay updated on all things election night, follow Chattr‘s live blog and video updates.

Still not sure what each of the parties stand for? Check out our handy guide to find out more about what our next prime minister stands for (whoever that new prime minister might be).

There’s never been a more exciting time to be following Chattr.  More to come.