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Celebs That Would Probably Be Better As POTUS Than Trump

It’s been a week since Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States. His celeb status definitely got him some attention during the race, and with more and more celebrities turning to politics (*cough* Former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger *cough*), we take a look at some other celebs who could’ve gone for the top spot.

Matt McGorry

You may recognize him as Asher from How To Get Away With Murder or Officer Bennett from Orange Is The New Black, but this guy would rock as POTUS. A self proclaimed activist, his instagram is full of his work at social movements like Black Lives Matter and the Dakota Access Pipeline. Who wouldn’t want a President who cares about social justice issues?

Many of my white friends here know why we say #BlackLivesMatter and agree that we must fight to stop the racist structures that exist in the United States. Now is the time to show up in person, get other white folks to show up with you, organize, and get ahead of the darkness that is going to come during a Trump presidency. If we truly care about our friends of color, let's have courage to show up in person and make moves towards protecting those who have already waited their entire lives for true justice. The group that I marched with here is a local group in LA called White People 4 Black Lives. For more information and to get on their list email whitepeople4racialjustice@gmail.com They are part of a national organization that has chapters all throughout the United States. They organize white people against racism in a group called Showing Up For Racial Justice. Go to http://www.showingupforracialjustice.org to find out how to get involved. Or google your local Black Lives Matter chapter to donate and go to an action. Tag 3 of your white friends that you know have the deep humanity and integrity to stand against racism and make a commitment to just show up. The longer we wait, the more of a head start the Trump presidency will have on us. The time is now. "The good things that have been done, the reforms that have been made, the wars that have been stopped, the women's rights that have been won, the racism that has been partly extirpated in society, all of that was not done by government edict, was not done by the three branches of government. It was not done by that structure which we learn about in junior high school, which they say is democracy. It was all done by citizens' movements. And keep in mind that all great movements in the past have risen from small movements, from tiny clusters of people who came together here and there. When a movement is strong enough it doesn't matter who is in the White House; what really matters is what people do, and what people say, and what people *demand*." – Howard Zinn (Photo by @scott_fleishman )

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Angelina Jolie

Despite divorce drama, Angeline has done work with 29 charities over the years, including Doctors Without Borders, UNICEF and the UN Millennium Project.

She’s shown she has a deep understanding of the issues in the world.

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson.

He just seems like such a nice guy. Yesterday, he came out and said he would be interested in a political career!

“I love my country, I’m extremely patriotic and I also feel, especially now, leadership is so important, great leadership is so important, respected leadership is so important,” he explained to the ABC.

Yes, Dwayne, you do you! Source.

Oprah Winfrey

Can you imagine her? “You get free health care! You get a free education! You all get basic human rights!”

Oprah’s reaction to the election results. Probably. Source.

Lorack Tobama

No, this isn’t Barack Obama in a moustache. This is Lorach Tobama. He made his claim to fame in films like The Biden Files, which is all about the memes about Joe Biden from the election.

If only this was possible. SOURCE.
If only this was possible. Source.