Box Mixers: The Tasty Alternative For Health Conscious Drinkers

Being stuck at home for most of 2020 has turned Australian’s in drink-making aficionados. From Zoom Happy Hours to pure boredom, Australian’s have been having a frenzy on Google searching for mocktail recipes. So much so that Google Analytics has found that search results are up 42% for mocktails compared to 2019.

Insert Box Mixers. The low sugar, made from all-natural flavours and non-alcoholic alternative we have all been waiting for. September sees the release of four amazing cocktail flavours from Box Mixers; Classic Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Espresso Martini and Mojito.

Box Mixers in Mojito flavour
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These four mixers are here to make your next alcoholic or non-alcoholic creation that much more simple and convenient.

If alcohol is your best friend then all you need to do is follow these five easy steps which enable you to do less but have more flavour.

Step one: Shake the Box Mixer bottle.

Step two: Add one part of your favourite spirit.

Step three: Add three parts of your favourite Box Mixer flavour.

Step four: Serve over ice.

Step five: ENJOY!

For all the non-drinkers you can still get in on the fun. Just remove step two and pour your favourite Bottle Mixer flavour over ice.

Box Mixers are not only enjoyable both with or without alcohol. They are also healthy. Each bottle is made from all-natural flavours, have zero alcohol, are low in sugar, less than 55 calories per serve, and are gluten-free. So for all your gym junkies out there, take a load off. You won’t have to work out for long to work off this goodness.

Box Mixers in Espresso Martini flavour
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Box Mixers is not only good for you. They are also good for the planet. Each bottle is resealable and recyclable. So unlike most bottles, you do not have to throw these bottles away once you’re finished.

The great thing about these amazing mixers is that they champion the idea that great cocktails can be apart of any social occasion and aren’t reserved for bars and restaurants that overlook Darling Harbour. Box Mixers allow you to make an amazing and tasty cocktail without leaving your house for ingredients and don’t require you to be a fancy mixologist.

So, get a glass ready and make an amazing Cosmopolitan while you stream your favourite Sex and the City episode. Feel like Carrie Bradshaw as you both enjoy a tasty Cosmopolitan and take a load off.

Or maybe whip up some Classic Margaritas. The favourite drink of none other than Ross Geller from the critically acclaimed sitcom Friends. Season 10, Episode 2. ‘The One Where Ross Is Fine’. Thank us later.

Box Mixers in margarita flavour
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Box Mixers 750ml bottle makes 10 cocktails and is available at all Woolworth’s stores, alongside premium cordials. They are currently valued at the low price of $7.50 a bottle.

Sounds pretty good to me considering a fancy bar will make you pay 20-30 dollars for a cocktail.

Let us know how your cocktail and mocktail creations turn out!