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Bodyform has released a kicker new ad and we couldn’t be happier!

For too long ads for pads and tampons have been marketed by cheery smiles, white pants and girls on rollerblades.

But if your monthly experiences are anything like mine, you’re probably far from choosing a pair of white skinny jeans while on your period. I’ve never found myself smiling to myself when I realise my period has arrived. Instead I’m usually already pissed off from the previous day of cramps and discomfort, and ready for the next four or five days to be over and done with.

Finally, a serious ad which gets a little closer to the truth:

It’s refreshing to see an ad with real blood, instead of an anonymous blue liquid. Bonus points go to Bodyform for using women biking, hiking, dancing and getting out there to show that “no blood should hold us back”.

The ad fronts #redfit, a Bodyform campaign which aims to help women better understand their period and encourage girls to keep active throughout their cycle.


While some have ‘urkked’ at the sight of the ad, we think blood is blood, and it’s about time there was some actual blood in ads when it comes to our periods.

What are your thoughts on Bodyform‘s latest ad?