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Beyonce Could Be First Woman to Top Triple J’s Hottest 100

#Bey4Hottest100 is actually a thing, and it was only a matter of time.

Not long after the release date of Beyonce’s epic sixth album, Lemonade, Aussie fans are determined for Bey to become the first woman to top Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown.

The debate over Beyonce being an addition is a controversial topic, as many Tay-tay diehards are still sore after she banned from the Hottest 100, but Beyonce has been given the all clear.


The argument is that if Beyonce is allowed on the station, isn’t the conviction concerning Taylor Swift undermined? Both artists are multimillionaire pop superstars, neither needing the support of a youth-oriented ‘alternative’ station, so why the discrepancy?

No solo female artist has actually topped any of Triple J’s hottest 100 countdowns on their own. Kimbra placed first in 2011, but as a quest on Gotye’s Somebody That I Used To Know, Missy Higgins has come second with Scar, and Lorde also scored second in 2013 with Royals.

The reaction from fans prompted station presenter, Zan Rowe, to defend the decision on Twitter

Unlike the 2014 #tay4hottest100 campaign, it seems that Triple J will not stand in the way of the #Bey4Hottest100 push.

In fact, it seems that they fully support Beyonce. Confused, Swifties?

All of Swift’s votes were discarded from the 2015 countdown for disobeying countdown rules. These rules included ‘no corporate promotion, no votes submitted by a third party’. But we all know that it was more then that.

Swift is simply too much of a commercial pop artist for the station.

Triple J listeners are already plotting a campaign, with aims to send the superstar into the top sport of the music poll, with the tick of approval from the station itself.

It seems inevitable that many songs off Lemonade will find their way into the station’s online voting list.