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The Best Games for People Who Don’t Play Games

Not everyone likes games. Even so, that doesn’t mean anyone should be without a variety of gaming options for something a bit different every once in a while. Whether you want something to pass the time on the train, need a new thing to liven up parties or are even looking to change up movie night, look no further than my suggestions below. You’ll find a bunch of games sure to give non-gamers something easy to jump into and enjoy!

Rocket League


Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to play soccer with rocket powered RC cars? Rocket League puts you in the driver’s seat of a zany football match, quickly getting loud and competitive when you gather a few friends. That game is super easy to jump into thanks to simple controls and delivers plenty of spectacular moments no matter your skill level. Perfect to liven up a party or a Saturday night with a few beers and friends, you’ll be cheering along and scoring explosive goals in no time. Sports fans and Mario Kart nostalgics will love this one.

Rocket league is available on Steam, and on PS4 and Xbox One digitally.

Fibbage & Drawful – Jackbox Party Pack

Forget Cards Against Humanity, take Fibbage and Drawful for a spin at your next party. Part of the Jackbox Party Pack, these two take older games like charades and pictionary and bring them into the digital age. Simple but elegant, these games always provide more than a few laughs, testing how well you know what hilarious or off colour stuff your friends can come up with. The best part is you can jump in and play from any smartphone, making it super easy to get plenty of people involved.

You can nab the Jackbox Party Pack right here.



Be it Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh or simply playing cards, card games are universally enjoyed. Hearthstone adds fantasy to the mix in a great game for killing time or arduous public transport commutes. Easy to learn but hard to master, the card battle game gets its hooks in you fast, and soon enough you’ll be playing whenever you have a spare five. It’s a great game for newcomers to explore given its user friendly interface and introductions, as well as being free to play. It’s even the foundation of an online reality dating show called Fireside & Chill, quite an engaging watch which uses the simple game as a way to alleviate first date awkwardness.

Hearthstone is available for free via the app store on tablets and iOS/Android phones. You can also grab it on your computer or laptop at battle.net.


Some games are like reading a good book. Firewatch is like reading a literary classic, with some of the best writing I’ve ever seen in a game. Set in the Wyoming national park, you’re put in the boots of a fire lookout settling in for a long, hot summer. Over the course of the three to four hour story, you’ll venture through a vibrant world while being guided by Delilah, a fellow fire watch. It’s a mature game that explores life through dialogue, delivering a powerful experience that extends beyond most games. With simple controls and a great mystery, bookworms and movie buffs aren’t gonna want to miss this. If you find yourself wanting more, check out Life is Strange and Telltale’s Walking Dead episodic games for a similar experience – both are fantastic choice driven adventures.

Firewatch is available via Steam, or on the PS4 and Xbox One digitally.