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Attention Scruffy Nerf Herders: You Can Now Own an Ewok (kind of)

Despite being furry scavengers, and unwittingly helping the destruction of the empire, Ewoks are some of the cutest things to come out of film lore.
Nawwwwwww. source
Up there with Gizmo, Elmo, and Totoro, how could you resist cuddling with one of those little fuzzballs? Well now you don’t have to!

Build-a-Bear have just introduced a customizable Ewok teddy bear, capitalising on the Star Wars hype train that’s still charging on with the new Rogue One teaser. It even talks too! Finally you can re-enact the Battle of Endor with the appropriate sidekick. It’s a positive step in the recognition of their huge role in the destruction of the galactic empire (which is still disputed).

While it may cost $28 USD, and that’s not even taking into account shipping it to our shores, it sure beats a trip to the moon of Endor to acquire one of these little guys. However, instead of taking down a corrupt totalitarian government, you’ll be cuddle combating. Yub nub!