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Attention! Charlie Puth Collabs with Optus

If you haven’t listened to Charlie Puth, go and listen to him. You’re missing out.

Puth’s Australian trip calls for a behind-the-scenes look into the making of VoiceNotes with in Optus’ new original music series called Closer. The singer, songwriter and music producer has achieved amazing things at the age of 26 with multiple Top 10 hits on the US Billboard Charts (I’m a little jealous).  But he’s human, just like the rest of us. Closer will give his fans an insight into his daily routine, musical inspiration and what makes him so unique.

“Closer is a great way to show my Australian fans where and how my music is made, I have a unique style and it’s great to be able to share some of these secrets in my own home,” Puth said in a press release.

Puth has collaborated with some awesome music stars including Selena Gomez in “We Don’t Talk Anymore”, Meagan Trainor in “Marvin Gaye” and Wiz Khalifa in “See You Again”.

Last week, Puth’s episode aired as the second in the series. Closer will be showcasing behind-the-scenes footage of global artists in their most relaxed and honest environments. It’s pretty cool to see them so normal and doing what they love.

“It was great working with Charlie Puth for the first time – he is an incredibly talented artist with a huge following worldwide. Our first episode of Closer was very successful with more than 1 million views and I know Australians are going to love the latest episode in the Closer series,” said Optus’ Head of TV and Content, Corin Dimopoulos.

You can check out the episode below.

On a side note, Puth added to his statement: “When I go to Australia it’s going to be a party, I know I’m going to have so much fun.” And damn right it will be.