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Attack On Titan will be back in 2017!

The titans are back with a vengeance.

Attack on Titan season 2 will be begin airing in spring 2017. The hype is real! According to Crunchyroll, the unveiling of the second season’s visual was dropped at the Attack Festival live-reading event at the Tokyo International Forum. Since the first season ended in 2013, it’s been a long wait for the highly anticipated second season.


Attack on Titan‘s storyline follows a trio of friends trying to protect humanity from titans. The anime proper led to more manga and spin-off shows, but fans have been waiting more than two years for a second season of the anime. The released visual shows Eren Yeager in his titan form confronting the Colossal Titan who destroyed the city in the first season with Mikasa Ackerman, Armin Arlert and someone who looks like Levi flanking him. Basically, it looks badass.

With the core cast and staff all coming back, this is looking be a gigantic new season if it lives up to the previous one. The official Japanese Twitter account for Attack on Titan has since confirmed the new with an overwhelming positive response.

Is anyone else hyped for the new season?